CareSearch Project

Our Purpose

The CareSearch Project consolidates online palliative care knowledge for health professionals, people needing palliative care and their families, and for the general community. Our project is responsible for two major websites, the CareSearch website and the palliAGED website. The CareSearch Project also works closely with a number of other projects to maximise impact within the sector. 

Our Mission

To ensure everyone receiving or providing palliative care has access to trustworthy evidence-informed information to support person-centred decision-making and the transition to palliative care.

Our Approach

To ensure that what we publish on the websites is trustworthy, we have developed a structured approach to evidence retrieval, appraisal and communication known as the CareSearch Model. In this section you can learn more about the model and the products and collaborations that it underpins.


Our History

The CareSearch website was launched in May 2008 and the palliAGED website was launched in May 2017.

Many people and organisations contribute to the development of these resources and work with the CareSearch team to update and extend our content and resources. In these pages you can:

CareSearch is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health. The funding is provided to enable the provision of evidence based palliative care information and materials to everyone. The funder does not influence editorial policies or quality processes. 


Page last updated 4 June 2020