About Us

CareSearch palliative care knowledge network (or more simply CareSearch) is a suite of palliative care information and resources available at www.caresearch.com.au. The website is designed to support health professionals involved in providing palliative care and those needing palliative care and their families and friends. CareSearch is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health. The funding is provided to enable the provision of evidence based palliative care information and materials to health professionals and health consumers. The funder does not influence editorial policies or quality processes. The site does not host or receive funding from advertising or from the display of commercial content.

The project that created CareSearch palliative care knowledge network began in July 2006. The CareSearch website  was launched in May 2008. 

There are many people that contribute to the development of these resources and the website has extended work completed in earlier projects. In these pages you can:

Last updated 30 October 2017