Major Projects

National Palliative Care Strategy

In February 2019 the Australian Government released an updated National Palliative Care Strategy 2018. The new strategy builds on the previous 2010 National Palliative Care Strategy and its evaluation in 2016 (1.30MB pdf), and was developed through extensive consultation with government and community members. The 2018 National Palliative Care Strategy has six guiding principles, which are identified as fundamental to ensure that all people experience the palliative care they need.

The guiding principles are:

  • Palliative care is person-centred care
  • Death is a part of life
  • Carers are valued and receive the care they need
  • Care is accessible
  • Everyone has a role to play in palliative care
  • Care is high quality and evidence-based

There are also seven Strategy goal areas relating to priority areas:


People understand the benefits of palliative care, know where and how to access services, and are involved in decisions about their own care. 


Knowledge and practice of palliative care is embedded in all care settings. 

Access and choice:

People affected by life-limiting illnesses receive care that matches their needs and preferences. 


Everyone works together to create a consistent experience of palliative care across care settings. 


A skilled workforce and systems are in place to deliver palliative care in any setting.

Data and evidence:

Robust national data and a strong research agenda strengthen and improve palliative care. 


National governance of this Strategy drives action. 
Details on many initiatives funded by the Australian Government can be found on the Department of Health program overview page. Details on a number of these projects are included in this section.

Other National Initiatives

Other projects and programs can also contribute to the care and outcomes of palliative care patients and their families. Some of these initiatives are also included in this section.

Page last updated 19 December 2019