Grey Literature Database

The CareSearch Grey Literature databases capture palliative care information and evidence that can be hard to find.

Grey literature complements high-level published evidence by providing information such as very recent unpublished findings, theses, real-world outcomes from program evaluation, industry insights, and policy details. Inclusion of grey literature also addresses the potential impact of publication bias in academic journals that is the greater likelihood for publication of reports with positive or significant results. Sets of literature collected in the CareSearch Grey Literature are:

  • Conference abstracts: Abstracts of conference presentations in Australia since 1980 that are relevant to palliative care. Major palliative conferences have been approached to secure conference proceedings.
  • Grey literature: Materials from government departments and organisations involved with palliative care.
  • Quality Improvement (QI) activities: Reports, tools, forms and templates from improvement activities from palliative care organisations, projects and centres of practice
  • National Program: Details of projects undertaken as part of the National Palliative Care Program funded by the Department of Health

Citation details have been collected and stored in the CareSearch literature databases. These databases can be searched by author, keyword or year on the Search the Literature Database page.

CareSearch also provides access to Australian and International research theses collections through the Theses page.

Authors are invited to provide details of any 'missing' Australian literature relevant to palliative care by emailing

Page last updated 13 May 2019