Dying2Learn Resources 2016

In 2016, CareSearch hosted its first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). The MOOC was called Dying2Learn and ran in June-July 2016.

Over 1,100 people signed up for the Dying2Learn MOOC in 2016. They investigated issues, made nearly 10,000 comments and completed activities. It was absorbing, interactive and rewarding.

Learners had a chance to have an online chat with Dr Peter Saul on Prolonging Life, Prolonging Death. Participants thought about words describing death, considered what it meant to be deathwise, pondered what to do about a digital legacy, and thought about funeral choices and arrangements.

Sharing Dying2Learn 2016

In 2016, the Dying2Learn MOOC had a close relationship with Groundswell around Dying to Know Day on 1 August 2016. A series of resources based upon MOOC activities and feedback were developed to support Dying to Know Day 2016. They included:

  • Dying2Learn Online Links (626kb pdf)
    As one of the Dying2Learn activities, participants nominated a death and dying resource they found on the web. This is the list of these items. They provide an indication of the range and diversity of interests around death and dying.
  • #D2KDay Tweetchat (432kb pdf)
    The Groundswell Project and CareSearch co-hosted a tweetchat to launch #D2K2016. The topic was Death Literacy: from knowledge to action. Dying2Learn MOOC participants were invited to join in the tweetchat that was held on 1 August 2016 #D2KDay. Lots of interesting comments, topics and options.
  • Deathwise Posters: (2.2MB pdf)
    Dying2Learn participants were invited to create a message that can be shared with the community as part of Dying to Know Day. The message is their statement about what being deathwise is. We have taken a selection of these posters to create a slideshow. We hope you enjoy them.
  • Describing Death and Dying: (627kb pdf)
    As a beginning activity, we asked Dying2Learn participants to list the 3 words that best described how they felt about death and dying. We then asked then to list the 3 words that they thought best describe how OTHERS in the general public felt about death and dying. You can see in the attached Wordles what they thought. (NB a wordle is a toy for generating 'word clouds' from text).

Last updated 15 August 2017