About CareSearch

Welcome to CareSearch palliative care knowledge network

CareSearch is an online resource designed to help those needing relevant and trustworthy information and resources about palliative care. The website has been funded by the Australian Government's Department of Health.

There are sections designed specifically for health professionals and others for patients, for carers, and for family and friends. All material in the website has been checked for quality by Australian health professionals. Pages can be read online or they can be printed and read later.

You can watch a short video, Introduction to the CareSearch website, that tells you more about the website.

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Principles underlying the CareSearch website

A series of concepts have driven the development of the CareSearch project:

  • The role of evidence from creation to application, 'the knowledge translation cycle'
  • The multidisciplinary nature of palliative care
  • The concept of a palliative care community, that is, both those providing palliative care and those affected by the need for palliative care 
  • Granularity, or the idea of the size and scale of components and their relationships within a system, that enables users to find specific information and enter at different points within the website
  • Quality processes to ensure trustworthiness and relevance of content
  • Currency of information being supported by processes that enable information to be regularly updated 
  • Relationship between the print and web page so they can function independently as sources of information.

This project is a work in progress that reflects the changing nature of palliative care needs and practice and the underlying evidence and literature base that supports clinical care and service delivery.

Last updated 09 February 2016*