Part of Life Project

Death and dying will affect all of us. It is a part of life. The National Palliative Care Strategy identifies six guiding principles help us work towards providing quality palliative care to everyone in our community.

The Part of Life Project aims to build awareness (264kb pdf) that death is a part of life and encourage people to learn care and plan.

As part of this project, we are running the Part of Life campaign. This is built around the six principles listed below. The campaign also shows how CareSearch is contributing to improving palliative care in Australia.


Follow link to Guiding Principle 1 Palliative care is person-centred care
Follow link to Guiding Principle 2 Death is a part of life
Follow link to Guiding Principle 3 Carers are valued


Follow link to Guiding Principle 4 Care is accessible
Follow link to Guiding Principle 5 Everyone has a role
Follow link to Guiding Principle 6 Care is evidence-based

Project Activities

The Part of Life Project includes three key project activities: Part of Life Campaign; Dying2Learn; and Multicultural Podcasts. The Part of Life Project has been funded by the Department of Health as an extension to our 2017-2020 agreement.



Dying2Learn logoBirth and death - these are something we will all have to cope with. But when it comes to the latter, we seem reluctant to think about, talk about, and plan for it. Dying2Learn is an online course that aims to enable Australians to be more comfortable talking about death and dying, understand what shapes our views and attitudes, and be confident when addressing issues that will affect us all at the end-of-life. The Dying2Learn 2020 massive open online course (MOOC) will run from 5th October to 2nd November. The course is free and open to everyone in Australia.


Part of Life CampaignDr Chris Moy

Getting the messages right is important in helping people understand that death and dying is part of life and that palliative care can make a difference. We are working with Michels Warren to build messages that resonate with users through the right channels. A public relations campaign, social media activities and new pages will help to share the message about palliative care and about the role that evidence and information can play. You can check out the resources at our Learn, care and plan page.


Multicultural Podcasts

Everyone is different. So we need to make sure that the message is meaningful to the audience. We are working with the Multicultural Communities Council of SA and Palliative Care SA to create community specific messages (546kb pdf) and podcasts around palliative care and end of life.

Page updated 02 October 2020