Scam Alert

Hackers and cyber scammers are taking advantage of the current COVID-19 pandemic and community health concerns by sending fraudulent emails. This is called phishing.  The “Phishing” emails attempt to trick you into:

  • giving sensitive information,
  • clicking on malicious links or
  • opening attachments.

In this way criminals can install malware or steal sensitive information.

If you are contacted by a person or organisation that appears to be CareSearch, verify their authenticity by making sure that they use one of our email addresses:

These are the only email addresses that CareSearch will use. Even if the correct domain name appears after ‘@’ it may not be CareSearch. Check that only one of the three addresses above is used exactly as shown.

Remember, CareSearch will:

  • never ask you to provide us with your username or password 
  • never email attachments you didn’t ask for
  • never charge money

You should always:

  • check the link before you click
  • be careful when providing personal information
  • never give your username & password
  • take your time, cybercriminals use emergencies to make you rush decisions
  • If you are concerned immediately change your credentials on each site where you have used them

Be on alert when you receive an email with any link or attachments containing any reference to CareSearch. It might be a cyberattack.



Page created 14 September 2020