Care is evidence based
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    palliative care.

Guiding Principle 6 Care is evidence based

Care is evidence based


As a specialist health field, palliative care draws upon a multidisciplinary body of evidence to support its practice. It helps us understand what models of care are effective. For clinicians and health professionals, this means using the best available evidence in combination with the individual patient’s circumstances and preferences when it comes to making care decisions. For families and carers, this means having access to best practice care with a focus on evidence-based support and services.

Evidence helps people to understand what is likely to happen to them over time and that’s important because it helps them to plan for their last weeks and months of life. It also ensures that they will be well cared for and have as much quality of life as possible.




Guiding Principle 1 Palliative care is person-centred care


Guiding Principle 2 Death is a part of life


Guiding Principle 3 Carers are valued


Guiding Principle 4 Care is accessible


Guiding Principle 5 Everyone has a role


Resources and Information



Everyone needing or providing palliative care should be equipped with trustworthy, evidence-based information to make informed decisions.

CareSearch is the major online source for palliative care evidence in Australia.

We work continuously to identify, evaluate, synthesise, and disseminate the best available evidence on palliative care.


Why is evidence important in palliative care?

Infographic highlighting why evidence is important in palliative care: It empowers everyone to ask questions and make informed decisions; It helps us understand the potential benefits and harms of a treatment or intervention; It provides insights to the most likely outcome of a treatment or intervention across a population; It is crucial in delivering quality and person-centred car for all Australians; It highlights the need for investment, research , and improved services; It serves as the basis to drive continuous quality and service improvements.