Carers are Valued
  • Six things we all

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    palliative care.

Guiding Principle 3 Carers are valued

Carers are valued



About one in eight Australians are carers and it’s incredibly important for them to know they are valued and supported. Caring for someone who is dying can be very difficult. Relationships can change significantly, and the caring role can become much more intense as needs change. What’s more, caring can continue for months or even years.

Supporting the needs of carers is therefore an integral part of palliative care. Services and organisations are available that offer respite and mental health support as well as educational and learning opportunities.





Guiding Principle 1 Palliative care is person-centred care


Guiding Principle 2 Death is a part of life


Guiding principle 4 Care is accessible


Guiding principle 5 Everyone has a role


Guiding Principle 6 Care is evidence-based


Resources and Information



Carers are integral in enabling persons at the end of life to maintain quality of life. They can face physical, emotional, financial, social, and other challenges during the course of providing care for their loved ones and as they cope with grief and bereavement.

CareSearch provides quality information and resources and we work with our partners to support carers.


Carers need practical, emotional, social, relational, and spiritual support, including:


Infographic explaining carers need for support including:  Access to information, resources, support, and services; Learning what to expect after a diagnosis and how to work with the care team;  Retaining hope and coping with grief and bereavement; Ensuring their won self-care and overall wellbeing; Understanding medications and how to manage symptoms at the end of life.