Finding Information

There has been a flood of information since the first reports of COVID-19 infection in early 2020. Some of it is true and some is not. Knowing where to find information that is trustworthy and based on facts is important. Here we connect you with reliable sources of information to help you understand what COVID-19 is, what is happening, and what you can do.

Australian Government Department of Health


Victoria State Government Health and Human Services

Better Health Channel

  • About COVID-19, including:
    • What are the symptoms of COVID-19?
    • How does COVID-19 spread?
    • How is COVID-19 diagnosed?
    • How is COVID-19-treated?

World Health Organization

Advice for public including: 

State Based Health Information on COVID-19




Infographic on Coronavirus (COVID-19) explaining how to avoid infection or spreading the virus

Avoiding Infection


Who to contact

Page updated 31 March 2020