Create Your Own PubMed Search

  Watch - How to create your own palliative care PubMed search demonstration

If your topic of interest is not available as a Palliative Care PubMed Search, use the instructions provided to create your own search. Your specific topic search (e.g. hiccups) can then be combined with the CareSearch palliative care filter to limit the search results to the palliative care context.

Print out the illustrated guide 'How to Create Your Own Palliative Care PubMed Search' (575kb pdf) or follow the instructions below. A short viewer demonstration is also available on the right hand side of this page.


Let's use the example of 'hiccups' in the palliative care context.


Step 1:  Click on this link: Run the palliative care filter in PubMed now
Step 2:  Click on the Advanced link below the search box
Step 3:  Type your topic search, i.e. hiccups, into the top box and press the Search button
Step 4:  Click on the Advanced link again
Step 5:  Identify the 'set numbers' for the searches run in Steps 1 and 3 (e.g. #1 AND #2)
Step 6:  Click on Add in the 'Add to builder' column of your chosen searches to add them to the builder.
Step 7:  They will be automatically connected by AND to find literature with both these topics in it. Now press the Search button.

Results will include references that are about hiccups, restricted to the palliative care context. Substitute your own search terms in Step 3 to create your own PubMed Search.

Having trouble?

Make sure that you type your search terms in the PubMed 'search' box, and not the CareSearch 'search' box. This mistake could happen if you forget to click on 'Run the palliative care filter in PubMed now' step in these instructions.

CareSearch has received two reports that home Internet providers restricted their access to PubMed. If PubMed is not behaving as it should, or if you receive an unusual message such as 'access denied', please contact your supplier to enable access.