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  • CareSearch in 2019 - Delivering More

    CareSearch in 2019 - Delivering More

CareSearch exists to ensure that trustworthy, evidence-based palliative care information, resources, and tools are easily available in useful formats.

We provide tailored resources and information for health professionals, care providers, patients, carers and families so they can make informed decisions. In this way we are making our contribution in strengthening the quality of palliative care in Australia as we work collaboratively with partners, stakeholders and the wider community to address current and emerging challenges.


Info graphic showing: Challenges in palliative care: Australia - Longer and complex care needs, Increase in ageing population, Workforce planning and capacity building to meet demand

In 2019, we plan to build on activities undertaken in 2018 and initiate new ones to help address the growing and wide-ranging needs of all health professionals and consumers. We will work to:

Enable quality & evidence-based palliative care

  • Update our Clinical Evidence section by working with partners to identify and assess new evidence.
  • Develop modules to help users understand the evidence cycle and appraisal of studies.
  • Expand our Grey Literature database to include quality improvement projects and direct links to other Australian literature repositories.
  • Develop three new Evidence syntheses within palliAGED, starting with sexuality and intimacy in aged care.

Support the delivery of quality of aged & end of life care for older Australians  

  • Produce a series of evidence-based tip sheets to support nurses and careworkers to provide best care to the end for older people with palliative care needs.
  • Create a new section on ageing and aged care in CareSearch for health professionals and for the community to help them support older Australians coming to the end of their life.
  • Release an updated Symptoms and Medications section in palliAGED.
  • Create a consolidated palliative care evidence resource for the aged care sector by transferring the CareSearch RAC Hub content to palliAGED.
  • Update palliAGEDgp and palliAGEDnurse apps to align with the new resources emerging in the sector.

 Help build capacity through education and training

  • Develop new palliAGED education pages summarising opportunities for aged care staff.
  • Update the aged care My Learning modules to connect to palliAGED content.
  • Work with QUT's Palliative Care Education and Training Collaborative towards release of the Whole of Workforce Framework.
  • Promote the updated Education section in CareSearch which now includes opportunities for careworkers and those working in the aged care sector.

Empower carers and families to support patients

  • Working with the Centre for Palliative Care, develop a new online toolkit to help carers to support a person with a serious illness or advanced disease.

Strengthen our engagement with the allied health; patient, carers and families and aged care sectors

  • Implement our Engagement Action Plan to increase awareness, build relationships and help people navigate to the information they need more quickly.
  • Publish articles and develop new resources.
  • Conduct follow up workshops as part of the Engagement Project.

Expand our dissemination and provide avenues for palliative care community to share their voice

  • Continue to share professional and community views through our Palliative Perspective blogs.
  • Introduce a newsroom to provide a focal point for all project communications and updates.
  • Distribute more evidence-based resources.
These are just some of the activities that we will undertake in 2019 to support palliative care in Australia.

This page was last updated 16 January 2019

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