• CareSearch 2018: enabling quality palliative care

    CareSearch in 2018: enabling quality palliative care

CareSearch is committed to improving the quality of palliative care in Australia. In 2018, we expanded our work to further enable health and aged care professionals, patients, carers and families to make informed palliative care decisions.
The need for palliative care in Australia is Increasing, 150K+ expected deaths per year, Australians are living longer but chronic diseases & comorbidity increase with age, 87% of deaths are due to chronic conditions, 1 in 4 Australians had 2 or more chronic conditions, 3.8M people are aged 65+, 250 people are diagnosed with dementia each day, 138K+ people are diagnosed with cancer each year, 28% increase in palliative care related hospitalisaitons between 2011-2012 & 2015-2016

We continued to identify, evaluate, synthesise and disseminate trustworthy information, tools, resources and evidence so that all Australians can get the best quality person-centred palliative care.

'For the last ten years, CareSearch has provided high quality, evidence-based knowledge, which is tailored to the needs of patients, carers and different non-spcecialist health professional groups. The content is carefully researched and reviewed before release.
It is an invaluable resource.'

- Professor Geoffrey Mitchell, Professor of General Practice and Palliative Care, University of Queensland

'Loving it (dying2Learn) more each day.
Working in an aged care facility, I had never used the word
'dying'. I did yesterday to the wife of a resident. She smiled, cried, hugged me and said thank you and went to spend the last hours with her husband.  So special.'

- 2018 Dying2Learn participant

We held the 3rd Dying2Learn online course and initiated our Engagement Project. We supported various initiatives to meet the diverse needs of millions of Australians needing care, as well as their families and carers.

We also worked to build research capacity by conducting research and enabling researchers to design, collaborate and prevent duplication.

2018: A milestone year


2018: A milestone year. 2.5M web views. 1.5M web visits, 1.2K systematic reviews screened 503 added, 54K print resources distributed, 1.6K participants in Dying2Learn MOOC, Engagement Project with aged care, allied health & patient, carers & families, 7 research publications 21 presentations & posters, 2.2K Twitter followers, 298 grey literature added, 10th anniversary, 52K views for 48 blogs, 4K newsletter subscribers, 5 national palliative care projects/websites directly supported; End of Life Directions with Aged Care; Talking aobut death & Dying... with people with a disability, caring@home; Advance; End of Life Essentials.
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