Videos and Infographics

The Many Diverse Perspectives on Death and Dying

A Selection of Short Videos and InfoGraphics about Death and Dying

Below is a selection of short videos and InfoGraphics about death and dying that give you a taste of the types of issues discussed during the Dying2Learn course. They provide a nice starting point to build upon as we think about and discuss death in our communities.

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Short Videos

A very short history of death, by Frontline (3.00min Video)


Life In Flux - by Lien Foundation Life Before Death Campaign (0.44min Video)


'The Long Boat ' Stanley Kunitz's poem - by Oregon Humanities (1.38min Video)

What is death like? (2.24min Video)


How to Talk End-of-Life Care with a Dying Patient - by Atul Gawande (3.01min Video)


Design for Death - by Lien Foundation (4.08min Video)