Dying2Learn Resources 2018

In May – July 2018, CareSearch hosted the Dying2Learn MOOC for the third time. The response was great, with over 1,500 participants from over 30 countries.

They investigated issues, had thought-provoking conversations, and completed a variety of activities that got them thinking about death and dying. Over 16,000 comments were made during the 5 week course. It was engrossing, interactive and mutually valuable.

Learners had a chance to have a real-time online chat with Dr Christine Sanderson and Dr Peter Saul on Prolonging Life versus Prolonging Death. Participants thought about words we use to describe death, shared their favourite death and dying movies, considered what to do with their digital legacy, and pondered what the future of death might look like in 2050.

From Dying2Learn 2018

Some of the content from the Dying2Learn MOOC in 2018 was used to create some resources. They included;

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