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CareSearch and palliAGED provide reliable, evidence-based online information on end-of-life and palliative care for everyone. Information that supports you to make informed decisions on the most appropriate care, decisions that need to be made whether you are a patient, family member or health care provider.

Working out what is based on fact and not just someone’s opinion is not always easy so we act as a ‘gateway’ to ensure that online health information is trustworthy. Letting people know how to access and best use the evidence-based resources found on CareSearch and palliAGED is an important part of what we do.

CareSearch Engagement Project

Over the next two years we will use a structured framework to engage with three specific groups to help us learn more about what support is needed, and how to make it easier to find and use our resources.

These groups are:
  • Patients, Families and Carers
  • Aged Care, and
  • Allied Health. 
Listening to people who can represent the views of these communities or sectors, we will look at the need for information, the format and content of CareSearch and palliAGED palliative care resources, and explore the best avenues to share these with the community. Together we will develop an action plan to better support those needs and raise awareness.

What’s happening now?

Following a call for expressions of interest we had a large number of nominations to join the project. We will now be holding three face to face workshops with a small number of participants from each group in Adelaide in July and August 2018. Each workshop will include participants who will provide insights into the needs of their community/sector and work with us to draw up an Action Plan to increase awareness and reach of CareSearch and palliAGED.
After this, for those who nominated there will also be an opportunity to be involved in a videoconference to discuss the Action Plan.


Have your say

Your ideas are valuable to us and we welcome any suggestions or comments you would like to share with us through the feedback form.


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Page updated 5 July 2018