Engagement Project

The Engagement Project CareSearch/palliAGED team is developing and applying a structured Engagement Framework. The project is engaging with specific groups to learn more about how they find and use health care information, and what information about end of life and palliative care they need. Our aim is to increase awareness and understanding of palliative care, to strengthen our connections with professional and community groups, and to ensure everyone has access to reliable information they can trust
Represent your community's view / Have your say / partner with us / Share ideas / spread the word / Your voice matters / Get involved!
Action plans have been developed based on workshops held in 2018, and the three groups we are focussing on for the project 2017-2020 period are:
  • Patients, Families and Carers
  • Aged Care, and
  • Allied Health. 

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Here you can read about one of our action items or view the updated list below.

As new activities and approaches are rolled out sector lists will be updated to keep everyone informed.

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About the project

A summary of the Engagement project is available as a factsheet (295kb pdf) 

In mid-2018, selected representatives from the three groups came together for one-day workshops (one workshop per group). These representatives took centre stage and told us the views and specific palliative care information needs of their community or sector. We learnt of the channels that commonly provide them with new information, and how this information moves out to members of their community or sector. They also provided feedback on the format and content of CareSearch and palliAGED palliative care resources, and the best avenues to share these with the community.

Responding to the insights gained, we have created an Action Plan for each group or sector. In November 2018, a workshop summary and the final Action Plan was presented via an online meeting to people who had registered their interest in the project.
Engagement Infographic
During 2019 you will hear more from us through the aged care, allied health, and patient, carer and family community information channels. We will be addressing issues raised in the workshops and providing guidance on how to use the CareSearch and palliAGED resources to support your palliative care information needs.

About CareSearch and palliAGED

CareSearch and palliAGED provide reliable, evidence-based online information for everyone on end-of-life and palliative care. This information can support informed decision-making on the most appropriate care. These are important decisions that need to be made whether you are a patient, family member, carer, or health care provider.

Working out what is based on fact and not just someone’s opinion is not always easy. CareSearch and palliAGED act as a ‘gateway’ to ensure that online health information is trustworthy. We also consolidate evidence into accessible language and formats that reflect the needs of specific professional and community groups. Letting people know how to access and best use CareSearch and palliAGED resources is an important part of what we do.

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