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Creating web based resources requires the skills and efforts of many different individuals and organisations. Many of these people volunteer their time in different capacities. Some assist in a formal way as members of the Management and Advisory Groups. Others have committed to assisting in project functions such as reviewing pages or evaluating conference abstracts. Others respond to requests for specific assistance. 

We also acknowledge the help that users and visitors provide in completing surveys and providing feedback. Many organisations have also assisted by distributing information about the project and by including CareSearch in their weblinks.

All of these contributions help develop and improve the website for its users. We would also like to thank the many individuals and groups who have provided specific assistance in

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Acknowledging 2016 contributions from our palliative care community

We would like to thank the following organisations and individuals, who have donated their time and expertise to the project in 2016.

Committee Members

Ms Meg Brassil: National Advisory Group
Ms Liz Callaghan: National Advisory Group
Ms Karen Conte: National Advisory Group
Dr Greg Crawford: National Advisory Group
Professor David Currow: CareSearch Management Group
Mr John Habrerecht: National Advisory Group
Mr Chris Hall: CareSearch Management Group, National Advisory Group
Dr Liz Hawkins: National Advisory Group
Ms Catherine Jacka: National Advisory Group
Ms Libby Kalucy: National Advisory Group
Dr Tim Kelly: National Advisory Group
Ms Helena Kyriazopoulos: National Advisory Group
Dr Helen Lindner: National Advisory Group
Ms Ros Lockhart: CareSearch Management Group
Dr Melanie Lovell: CareSearch Management Group (Till June 2016)
Professor Ellen McIntyre: National Advisory Group (Till June 2016)
Ms Mariann McNamara: National Advisory Group
Professor Deborah Parker: National Advisory Group
Ms Karen Quinsey: National Advisory Group
Professor Richard Reed: National Advisory Group
Ms Mary Reid: CareSearch Management Group
Ms Ann Ritchie: CareSearch Management Group
Ms Belinda Stevens: National Advisory Group
Ms Kate Swetenham: CareSearch Management Group
Ms Kim Taylor: National Advisory Group
Profssor Patsy Yates: National Advisory Group
Melissa Centofanti PCACE Project National Advisory Group
Kay Richards PCACE Project National Advisory Group
Dimity Pond PCACE Project National Advisory Group
Cathie Pigott PCACE Project National Advisory Group
Dini Liyanarachchi PCACE Project National Advisory Group
David Healey PCACE Project National Advisory Group
Samantha Edmonds PCACE Project National Advisory Group
Helen Grinbergs PCACE Project National Advisory Group
Ms Ann Ritchie PCACE Project Evidence Advisory Group
Prof. Tammy Hoffmann PCACE Project Evidence Advisory Group
Geraint Duggan PCACE Project Evidence Advisory Group
Dr Michael Chapman PCACE Project Evidence Advisory Group
Prof. Deb Parker PCACE Project Evidence Advisory Group
Anne Meller PCACE Project Evidence Advisory Group
Ms Trish McReynolds PCACE Project Evidence Advisory Group
Professor Patsy Yates PCACE Project Evidence Advisory Group
Professor David Currow PCACE Project Evidence Advisory Group

Content Writers

Dr Sandra Bradley: Palliative Perspectives
Dr Michael Chapman: Palliative Perspectives
Dr Aileen Collier: Palliative Perspectives
Mr Patrick Cox: Palliative Perspectives
Ms Ara Cresswell: Palliative Perspectives
Professor David Currow: Palliative Perspectives
Ms Raechel Damarell: Palliative Perspectives
Ms Linda Devilee: Palliative Perspectives
Ms Kim Devery: Palliative Perspectives
Dr Liz Hawkins: Palliative Perspectives
Dr David Healey: Palliative Perspectives
Mr Peter Jenkin: Palliative Perspectives
Ms Vera Margitanovic: Palliative Perspectives
Ms Larissa McIntyre: Palliative Perspectives
Professor Geoff Mitchell: Palliative Perspectives
Dr Chris Moy: Palliative Perspectives
Dr Greg Parker: Palliative Perspectives
Dr Joel Rhee: Palliative Perspectives
Ms Kay Richards:Palliative Perspectives
Professor Liz Reymond: Palliative Perspectives
Dr Christine Sanderson:Palliative Perspectives
Ms Elziabeth Shepherd: Palliative Perspectives
Mr Paul Tait: Palliative Perspectives

Content Reviewers

Ms Cathy Bennett
Dr Lauren Breen
Dr Letitia Burridge
Ms Raechel Damarell
Ms Roma Dicker
Ms Sue Hegarty
Dr Tim Luckett
Mr Jason Mills
Ms Shyla Mills
Professor Deb Parker
Ms Claudia Virdun
Dr Melanie Benson
Anna Leditschke

Dying2Learn MOOC

Ms Kerrie Noonan
Professor Deb Parker
Dr Peter Saul
OpenLearning Team
Flinders University Office of Communication and Engagement

Nurses Hub Advisory Group

Ms Janet Taylor
Ms Wendy Jansen
Mr Patrick Cox
Ms Claire Doyle
Ms June Fullerton
Ms Liz Fallas

Allied Health Hub Advisory Group

Dr Deidre Morgan (OT)
Ms Emily Scott (Dietitian)
Ms Rebecca Smith (Speech Pathologist)
Ms Claire Laurie (Physiotherapist)
Dr Clare O’Callaghan (Music Therapist)
Ms Katrina Gordon (Social Worker)
Ms Courtney Joy (Psychologist)
Ms Angela Daly  (Social Worker, maternity leave replacement)
Ms Katrina Gordon (Social Worker)

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Reference Group

Liz Callaghan
Charles Davidson
Dwayne Pierce
Donna Murray
Stephen Corporal
Karel Williams
Colleen Gibbs
Janine Mohamed / Milera
Karyn Sam
Mick Adams
Robert Dann
Rosemary Wanganeen
Warren Lock (Chair)
Catherine jacka
Pat Turner
Luana Johnson
Deb Prior
Patsy Yates
Karen Innes-Walker

Last updated 11 November 2016