Project Groups

The development of complex projects requires a wide range of expertise. The Knowledge Network Project has used skills and knowledge from various fields and disciplines such as medicine, sociology, education, marketing and informatics.

A network of individuals and groups has also contributed to the project's development. There are two formal groups.

  • CareSearch Management Group: Provides strategic guidance and direction. Reviews and endorses the Network's structure and content
  • National Advisory Group: Acts as a reservoir of knowledge, skills and networks for the Knowledge Network project. Provides a sounding body and an exchange point for promotion and linkage into constituencies

In addition the Project Team comprises full time, part-time and casual staff with backgrounds in medicine, nursing, social work, librarianship, marketing, informatics and research.

Associate Professor Jennifer Tieman is Director of the Knowledge Network Project. Associate Professor Jennifer Tieman and Professor David Currow are Co Chief Investigators for the project.

A large number of people throughout Australia volunteer their time and expertise in developing resources for the network. Their contributions are recognised in our Acknowledgements pages.

Last updated 11 January 2016