Education and Training

The Advance Project offers a range of learning options for general practice nurses to develop their knowledge of, and skills in using, screening tools to support the provision of palliative care and advance care planning (ACP) in everyday general practice.

Essential Education

The first education activity that all participants in the project must undertake is completing three online learning modules. They are:
  • Module 1: The role of general practice in advance care planning, palliative care and screening for supportive care needs
    The aim of this module is to explore the role of general practice in advance care planning and palliative care and how screening tools and specialist palliative care services can support general practice in this role.
  • Module 2: Initiating palliative care and advance care planning in general practice
    The aim of this module is to understand the components of the Advance Project Toolkit and Guide and how it can be implemented in general practice. 
  • Module 3: Administering tools to initiate palliative care and advance care planning in general practice
    The aim of this module is to develop skills to administer the six screening/assessment tools in the Advance Toolkit.  
APNA CPD Endorsed 2017 logo The online learning modules and the Advance Toolkit have been endorsed by the Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA), according to approved quality standards criteria.

Your participation in a 10-15 minute survey before and after the online training program will help us to improve and refine the program for the future.

Further Education and Training Options

Once nurses have completed these modules they will be granted access to additional pages and resources on the Advance website and be eligible to undertake further education and training. Options include:
  • Use the Advance Project screening and assessment tools in clinical practice: To get the most out of their learning, we encourage nurses to practise their skills in sensitively promoting awareness of ACP and screening for patients’ supportive and palliative care needs, by utilizing the screening/assessment tools in the Advance Toolkit, as soon as possible after the completion of the online training program.
  • Participate in a clinical audit of the patient/carer assessments
  • Attend practical workshops to consolidate learning
  • Receive individual mentoring from an experienced palliative care nurse
Rural and remote nurses will be able to apply for scholarships to attend workshops. Information about scholarships is available here (pdf 48kb)

All participants will be invited to participate in a follow up survey at the end of the project. Some participants will also be invited to take part in an interview. In addition, some nurses will have the opportunity to attend a train-the-trainer workshop to learn how to teach other nurses about Advance. 

Some of these additional activities will provide support or remuneration for participants, including funding for their general practice and gift cards to recognize the contribution of nurses. To take advantage of these additional education and training options you will need to have completed the online learning.

Ready to get started?

An overview of the activities and available support and remuneration for participants is detailed below.
Advance Program Overview

Last updated 29 June 2017