We are offering a train-the-trainer program for general practice nurses and other relevant health professionals such as experienced palliative care nurses.

What is the Advance T-T-T program?

This is the next step in the Advance Project’s national multi component training package following the completion and participation in the:
  • Advance Online Training
  • Advance Practical Workshop
Ideally if you are a General Practice Nurse (GPN), you will also have participated in the GPN mentoring program and started implementing the Advance assessments into your clinical practice.

The aim of the T-T-T program is to assist you in supporting your colleagues to implement the Advance screening and assessment tools in their everyday clinical practice.

Who may like to be an Advance T-T-T?

This T-T-T program is targeted at experienced GPN's and other relevant health care professionals, such as palliative care nurses, that support and provide education to GPNs.

What does the Advance T-T-T involve?

The Advance Palliative Care Nurse/Educator will provide additional information and support to the T-T-T participants. This will involve further T-T-T tele-mentoring within a flexible format that is tailored to suit each individual participant's situation.

Like to know more?

For more information please contact the Advance Project team:
Phone: 02 8788 3962 or contact directly the Advance Project Palliative Care Nurse Educator / Mentor
Name: Jolan Stokes  M: 0428 069 374  Email:

Would you like to be able to print this information and share it with others?

You can download a pdf (91kb pdf) of this information.

Last updated 27 February 2017