Module 5 - Teams and Continuity for the Patient

Joan with Nurse and family memberRecognising patients and families as team members matters in end-of-life care. In Module 5, you will learn more about opportunities in managing end-of-life care in acute care hospitals. You will also learn about the importance of your team in strengthening end-of-life care. You will be prompted to reflect and identify your own skills in end-of-life care and how to improve them. Facilitating team work and managing conflict are key areas of learning in this module.

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Resources for Module 5

Videos for Module 5

You can review the videos here, as many times as you wish - however it is best viewed within the learning module above as it includes interactive components.
Last updated 25 October 2016

Built on the Australian Commission of Quality and Safety Health Care’s Consensus Statement on End of Life Care in Acute Hospitals, these web-based modules provide context specific learning that can be completed in your own time and at your own pace.