Module 1 - Dying, A Normal Part of Life

In Module 1, you will learn about the opportunities and challenges in managing end-of-life care in acute care hospitals. You will also learn about the importance of conversations and recognising the patterns of common illnesses and why this matters in end-of-life care. You will be prompted to reflect and identify your own skills in end-of-life care and how to improve them.

Watch, listen and learn from leaders such as Dr Peter Saul, a senior specialist in intensive care and a patient who, in the final stage of his life, wanted you to know about what he regarded as important.

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Module 1 Resources

Module 1 Videos

You can review the videos here, as many times as you wish - however it is best viewed within the learning module above as it includes interactive components.

Last updated 25 October 2016

Built on the Australian Commission of Quality and Safety Health Care’s Consensus Statement on End of Life Care in Acute Hospitals, these web-based modules provide context specific learning that can be completed in your own time and at your own pace.