Palliative Care Curriculum for Undergraduates (PCC4U)

Expected Outcomes

PCC4U promotes the inclusion of palliative care education as an integral part of all medical, nursing, and allied health undergraduate and entry to practice training, and ongoing post-graduate professional development.

PCC4U Online learning modules

Core modules

Module 1: Principles of palliative care
Module 2: Communicating with people with life-limiting illnesses
Module 3: Palliative assessment & intervention
Module 4: Optimising function in palliative care

Focus topics

Topic 1: Multidisciplinary care
Topic 2: Caring for Aboriginal people with life-limiting conditions
Topic 3: Caring for children with life-limiting conditions
Topic 4: Culture-centred care of people with life-limiting conditions

Enrolled Nurse Toolkit

A suite of eLearning Modules and resources which aims to develop capacity in the Enrolled Nurse workforce.


Topic 1: Principles of palliative care
Topic 2: Communicating with people with life-limiting conditions
Topic 3: Principles of symptom assessment and management
Topic 4: Assessment and management of pain
Topic 5: Optimising function in palliative care
Topic 6: Terminal care and bereavement support

Care Worker Toolkit

A suite of online palliative care teaching and learning resources that support the delivery of CHCPAL001– Deliver care services using a palliative approach (Release 2).


Topic 1: The principles and aims of a palliative approach
Topic 2: Supporting care
Topic 3: Providing care
Topic 4: End of life care strategies
Topic 5: Managing your own emotional responses

Target audience

Educators and clinicians delivering formal and informal palliative care education in higher education and Vocational Education and Training (VET) sectors and care settings.

Self-directed learning for all palliative care health care providers.

For further information

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