Other Costs of Dementia Care Searching Resources

The table below shows searches within key databases for scholarly published literature relevant to costs of dementia care. Where possible, links are provided containing pre-created searches to take you directly to database results.

Databases for scholarly information

Database About Suggested Search
Embase Requires institutional subscription

Large online biomedical and pharmacological  bibliographic database.
Suggested search:

(Exp dementia/ OR dementia assessment/ OR Alzheimer Disease Assessment Scale/ OR Clinical Dementia Rating/) AND (cost*.mp. or fee/ or economic*.sh.)


Requires institutional subscription

Large online bibliographic database containing broad overview of global, interdisciplinary scientific information. 

Suggested search terms to use:
in TITLE-ABS-KEY fields: (dement* OR alzheimer*) AND (cost OR costs OR economic OR expenditure). Can limit e.g. to subject areas Medicine / Nursing / Social Sciences / Health Professions. 

EconLit Requires institutional subscription

American Economic Association's source for economic research citations and abstracts.
Suggested search terms to use:

((dement$ or Alzheimer$) and (cost$ or price$ or budget$ or fund$ or spend$ or expend$ or pricing)).mp.
IDEAS Free online

Research in Economics, RePEc, which includes bibliographic metadata from over 1,800 participating archives.
Suggested search
HSRProj - Health Services Research Projects in Progress Database Free online

Information about ongoing health services research and public health projects.
Suggested search 

NICE Evidence Search Free online

UK Health Evidence site.
Suggested search 
Health Systems Evidence Free online

Canadian repository of syntheses of research evidence about governance, financial and delivery arrangements within health systems, and about implementation strategies that can support change in health systems.
Suggested search
Google Scholar Free online

Searches published research (articles and books) worldwide
Search for documents about costs and economic aspects of dementia care (using the terms: (cost OR costs OR economic OR fund OR expenditure) AND (alzheimer OR dementia))
Informit Health Collection Requires institutional subscription

Australian database covering health policy and services and the social, psychological, legal and ethical issues associated with health. 
Suggested terms for Advanced Search:

(dementia OR alzheimer OR alzheimer's OR alzheimers) AND (cost OR costs OR financial OR economic OR economics OR expenditure)
Web of Science Requires institutional subscription.
Large database, containing information in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities.
Suggested search:

TOPIC:(alzheimer* OR dementia*) AND TOPIC: (cost OR costs)

Can refine by  RESEARCH AREAS: ( HEALTH CARE SCIENCES SERVICES ) for more specific search

The table below shows searches across producers of grey literature relevant to health economics, such as government agencies, research centres, health policy related organisations and health care provider organisations. Where possible, links are provided containing pre-created searches to take you directly to database results.

General Searching for grey literature

Database About Suggested Search
Google Free online general search engine Search for documents about costs and economic aspects of dementia care (using the terms: (alzheimer OR dementia) AND (cost or economic)
Australian Policy Online: Research and Evidence base Free online.
Provides access to full text research reports and papers, statistics and other resources for public policy in Australia and New Zealand.
Search for Australian policy documents on Dementia or Alzheimer's

Selected Health Economics Journals

Learning More about Health Economics Information Resources

The National Library of Medicine (U.S.)  provides a free online course on searching for Health Economics Information.

The Health Technology Assessment international (HTAi) Information Resources Group provides a free online resource ("vortal") including a section on how to search for Costs and economic evaluation information.

Last updated 02 February 2017