Apply the Palliative Care Workforce Development Framework

The diverse range of needs experienced by people with life limiting illness means that health care providers working in a range of settings who come from various disciplinary backgrounds will have a role in the care for people with life-limiting conditions. The National Palliative Care Workforce Development Framework (the Framework) has been developed to support inclusion of palliative care in educational programs designed to prepare the health workforce. The resource also includes principles to support the development of capabilities through postgraduate education, continuing professional development and ongoing professional experience.

What elements are included in the Framework?

  • Defining palliative care
  • Core values underpinning palliative care in Australia
  • Purpose and scope
  • Defining characteristics of the palliative care workforce in Australia
  • Palliative Care capabilities for specialist and non-specialist health care providers
  • Principles to support the development of palliative care capabilities
  • Teaching and learning strategies to develop palliative care capabilities.

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Last updated 31 August 2016