Conferences provide opportunities for ongoing professional development.

This list details national and international conferences related to palliative care. If you are aware of a relevant conference that should be included, please contact us at





Australian 2018

4th International Health Care Reform Conference
March 21-23
Sydney, New South Wales

2018 Australian Pain Society 38th and New Zealand Pain Society Conjoint Annual Scientific Meeting
April 8-11
Sydney, New South Wales

6th Rural and Remote Health Scientific Symposium
April 11-12
Canberra, Australia Capital Territory

Palliative Care Volunteer Managers 2018 Conference
May 7-8
Coolangatta, New South Wales

Palliative Care Nurses Australia 2018 Biennial Conference
May 20-21
Brisbane, Queensland

National Medicines Symposium 2018
May 30-June 1
Canberra, Australia Capital Territory

Australian Grief and Bereavement Conference 2018​
June 2018
Sydney, New South Wales

International Dementia Conference
June 7-8 
Sydney, New South Wales

2018 CNSA Annual Congress
June 21-23
Brisbane, Queensland

The Australian & New Zealand Society for Geriatric Medicine Annual Scientific Meeting 2018
June 27-29
Sydney, New South Wales

South Australian One Day Palliative Care Conference
July 20
Registation opening soon 
Venue to be confirmed

2018 Primary Health Care Research Conference
August 1-3
Melbourne, Victoria

9th National MND Australia Conference on care 2018
August 30-31
Adelaide, South Australia
Abstract due May 4

42nd World Hospital Congress
October 10-12
Brisbane, Queensland

Palliative Care NSW 2018 Biennial State Conference
November 8-10
Kiama, New South Wales

11th HITH Society Annual Scientific Meeting
November 21-23
Brisbane, Queensland

International 2018

The Annual Assembly (AAHPM, HPNA)
March 14-17
Boston, USA 

APM`s Annual Supportive & Palliative Care Conference In Association with the Palliative Care Congress 2018
March 15-16
Bournemouth, United Kingdom

The ADEC 40th Annual Conference
April 25-28
Pittsburgh, USA

9th World Congress of the World Institute of Pain (WIP)
May 9-12
Dublin, Ireland

10th World Research Congress of the European Association for Palliative Care
May 24-26
Bern, Switzerland

3rd International Children's Palliative Care Network (ICPCN) Conference
May 30-June 2
Durban, South Africa

International Conference on Opioids
June 10-12
Boston, USA

MASCC/ISOO 2018 Annual meeting
June 28-30
Vienna, Austria

The 17th World Congress on Pain
September 12-16
Boston, USA

23rd Hospice NZ Palliative Care Conference
September 19-21
Auckland, New Zealand

Australian 2019

2019 Biennial Australian Palliative Care Conference
September 10-13
Perth, Western Australia

International 2019

The 6th Public Health Palliative Care International conference
Details coming soon...
Sydney, Australia

Last updated 14 March 2018