Palliative Care eLearning

There are an increasing number of online teaching resources in palliative care. These vary in relation to:

  • their intended audience
  • the detail in which content is covered
  • whether they are accredited for use in continuing professional education
  • whether they require registration and/or a fee.

Some are fully developed educational programs with training and self-evaluation activities, some are compendia of teaching materials or PowerPoint slides on relevant topics, and a few are discussion starters.

Modules included on this list have been appraised for the quality of their content, and their relevance for palliative care. If there are other resources that should be included in this list, please contact the CareSearch Team and let us know!

The learning outcomes for the activity should build or extend the graduate or specialist capabilities depending on your learning needs.

Advance Care Planning Australia Learning - Online courses
Advance for GPs
Advance for Nurses
Advance for Practice Managers
APNA Palliative Care
Australian Association of Gerontology
Care of Women Affected by Gynaecological Cancers
CareSearch - My Learning
Caring at Home Project
CLiP for adults Online Tutorials (UK)
Cross-Cultural Care Program for Aged Care Staff
Dementia Online Courses
EdCaN Case Based Resources
EN Toolkit (PCC4U)
End-of-Life Essentials Education Modules
End of Life Law for Clinicians
Fast Facts (US)
Fast Facts Geriatrics (US)
Fast Facts Paediatrics (US)
Social Sciences Ethics Training
Indigenous Health Services eLearning Program
MND Aware
Multilingual Core Curriculum in Psycho Oncology (US)
On Demand Courses from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (US)
Overview of Cancer Care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People
PA Toolkit
Pain Assessment and Management for Children (South Africa)
Palliative Care Bridge - Hammond Care
Palliative Care Curriculum for Undergraduates (PCC4U)
Palliative Care Getting Started
Palliative Care Online Training
Palliative Care Outcomes Collaboration Essentials Course (PCOC)
Patient Experience of Delirium - Teaching Video (UK)
Portal of Geriatric Online Education (POGOe) (US)
QuoCCA Communication eLearning Module
RACP Learning Resources
Safe Handling of Cytotoxic Drugs and Related Waste
Talking End of Life with People with Intellectual Disability (TEL)
The End of Life Curriculum Project (US)
The Palliative Care Bridge - Hammond Care
Tough Talk: Helping Doctors Approach Difficult Conversations (US)
Web-Based Training Opportunities in Pain

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Last updated 17 March 2020