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When the need for changing practices and processes in the workplace is recognised, individuals and organisations can face challenges in bringing about these changes. Issues can relate to:
  • What is it that needs to be done?
  • How is the new process similar to, or different from, current work practices?
  • Is the environment and culture ready for the new processes?
  • What is realistic and achievable?

What is a Toolkit

Understanding what has been shown to be effective in creating change and developing specific resources that target the intended users, particular needs and local environment can enhance the likelihood of sustainable changes.  An Implementation Toolkit brings together tools, resources, promotional materials and evidence that can be used individually or collectively by users to help them change or sustain new practices or to encourage change within their organisation. By bringing needed items together, they provide a blueprint for activity and reduce the gap between the evidence and practice.  Below are some examples of toolkits.
  • Australian Commission of Safety and Quality in Healthcare (2011) Implementation Toolkit for Clinical Handover Sydney ACSQHC 
  • Melbourne School of Population and Health Regional Implementation Toolkit : Indigenous Eye Health Unit Melbourne University
  • Workplace Tasmania Simple Guide to Workplace Health and Wellbeing
  • American Association of Critical care Nurses Implementing the ABCDE Bundle at the Bedside
You can find out more about toolkits in Yamada et al's review The effectiveness of toolkits as knowledge translation strategies for implementing evidence into clinical care: a systematic review. BMJ Open 2015 5:e006808

Download the End of Life Essentials Toolkit

My Toolkit is now available to download and use by selecting a Module from the My Toolkit menu at the top of the page. The toolkit provides health professionals with tools to support positive end of life care behaviours in Australian hospitals. The toolkit includes a checklist of possible actions related to each of the education modules with resources that explain and support these actions. 

Further Information

You can also find more resources in this section relating to your practice, your workplace and your profession. There is also a section on evidence.  

Last updated 24 May 2018