Facilitated Case Conferencing

Facilitated case conferencing provides a structure to ensure a team approach involving the person with dementia and their family and the health professionals needed to assist with decision making and deliver care. Facilitated case conferencing: 
  • allows the person with dementia and their family to set the agenda for discussion
  • embeds a person-centred approach based on each individual’s needs within decision-making and all aspects of care
  • establishes a system that identifies when a person’s conditions changes and allows for timely review of goals of care to ensure support for current and changing needs
  • helps create a culture of quality improvement that grows staff and family expertise and satisfaction in providing person-centred palliative care to persons with advanced dementia.



Why use facilitated case conferencing for people with advanced dementia - Jill Allsopp RN

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Last updated 8 December 2015