Family Issues at the End

Often there are signs that death is imminent, and you can get family and friends together. Sometimes though, a person will die quickly without some of the warning signs.

You may want to sit with the dying person, sometimes for many hours. This does not mean that you will be there when they die. The person may die when you are out of the room. This happens a lot. You need not feel guilty about this.

Sometimes dying may happen over a few days. This can be distressing for you at times. If you are in a facility such as a hospital, hospice or aged care facility talk to the staff. Ask them what they have available for visitors such as tea or coffee and extra chairs. This can help to make you more comfortable.

You may also think that you know what will happen. You may have seen someone die before. You cannot predict this though as every death is different. You may feel that you just want it all to be over. This doesn’t mean that you wish the person dead. It just means that you don’t want them to be in any pain or distress.

Last updated 07 August 2020