If You Cannot Continue In The Caring Role

As a carer you look after someone who is ill. This is a demanding role to take on. You could do this for a short time or for many years. Taking regular breaks from caring and looking after yourself is vital. It will help you to carry on caring.

There may come a time though when you are not able to continue to do this. This could be because you have become unwell or cannot cope physically or emotionally.

You may feel distress or guilt at having to say that you cannot cope. You may find it hard to hand over to someone else. You may have promised the person who is ill that you would always look after them. This is not always possible though. Try not to blame yourself.

You may also feel a sense of relief. Caring can be a burden as well as a blessing. This is ok as well. There is no right or wrong way to feel about giving up this role.


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Last updated 08 December 2017