Family Conflict In Caring

Caring for someone who is dying can be complex. You may be a family member who has taken on this role. You could be a friend or a neighbour who is helping out, but may feel like part of the family. You will spend a lot of time with the person who is ill. You will find out a lot of information about them and will often talk to health professionals.

This may not be well accepted by the family. They may not always live nearby and be able to provide care themselves. They may not realise how much you do for the person who is ill.

Sometimes family members disagree with care directives or decisions. This can be hard if they are not directly involved but want to give advice. Sometimes this is a bigger communication problem within the family. Families are not always close. If this is happening to you, talk to a health professional about a family meeting. This can help to get everyone together to talk about what is happening.


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Last updated 24 January 2017