Allied Health Videos

Allied health professionals work in many different areas, and here we hear from those who undertake quite diverse roles or who have chosen specialist career pathways:

Petra van Vliet talks about her role as family support worker in palliative care

The following short videos are from the School of Nursing & Midwifery at Flinders University (SA).

Role of OT video

Lauren Woodford (Occupational Therapist, Central Adelaide Palliative Care Service) addresses the question What is the role of Occupational Therapy in Palliative Care?

  Lauren also discusses other occupational therapy (OT) and palliative care topics:

From The Palliative Care Bridge:

A short video produced by Dr. Cathy Payne (Dublin) and Helly Talbot-Rice (London) on a Rehabilitative Approach to Palliative Care.

Last updated 02 June 2020