Are death and dying changing in the 21st century?  Is how we think about death changing? 

  • Think about the language we use when we talk about dying

  • Learn about how and what people die from now

  • Find out how art, music, and media have shaped our ideas on death

  • Discover what happens in the digital world when we die

Be challenged.  Join Dying2Learn, a Massive Open Online Course that is looking at death and dying in a different way. 

CareSearch ran this 5-week course for the first time in 2016. There was such a positive response that Dying2Learn ran again in April-May 2017. With 1156 people participating in 2016, and 1960 people participating in 2017, many great conversations occurred.

To register your interest in joining the next Dying2Learn MOOC (starting May 2018), sign-up here and we will send you an email when enrolments open.


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