Frequently Asked Questions

What is CareSearch?

CareSearch is a project funded by the Department of Health. Its aim is to provide access to evidence and quality information about palliative care. All materials in the site are reviewed for their relevance and trustworthiness by Australian health professionals. More information….

What is palliative care?

Palliative care is a type of health care provided for patients who have an illness which cannot be cured and which will eventually lead to death. It focuses on providing the best quality of life for the patient and provides support for the patient’s family.Palliative care can be provided by different health professionals and in different places, including the patient's home. More information….

I am not a health professional. Can I use the site?

There is content written specifically for members of the general public which explains what palliative care is. For Patients, Carers, Families and Friends is a section that provides information on many issues that patients and their families need to consider when living with a terminal illness. More information…. 

Last updated 10 September 2018