RAC Videos

Nurses from different clinical areas and professional roles within aged care share their experiences and views in these short videos. (view on Vimeo)

Trish McReynolds Trish McReynolds-Director JBI Aged Care Unit
Trish talks about the information needs of those working in residential aged care.
Posted 21 March 2013
Peter Jenkins Peter Jenkin - Nurse Practitioner Candidate, Resthaven
Peter talks about the complexity of care issues in residential aged care and the training and contribution of nurse practitioners in this setting.
Posted 21 March 2013
Kate SwetenhamKate Swetenham - Director, Southern Adelaide Palliative Care Service
Kate talks about specialist palliative care services and what they can offer residential aged care.
Posted 21 March 2013
Florence PadmanFlorence Padman- Executive Director of Nursing, Padman Health Care Group
Florence talks about changes in residential aged care and how the sector needs to consider palliative care.
Posted 21 March 2013
Helen Upton ImageHelen Upton - Deputy Director of Nursing, Project Officer for CEBPARAC
Helen talks about the importance palliative care knowledge and skills for staff in Residential Aged Care.
Posted 05 October 2012
Ellen Warner ImageLouise Seedsman - Registered Nurse, Link Nurse for CEBPARAC
Louise talks about the role of the RN providing end-of-life care in Residential Aged Care.
Posted 05 October 2012
Louise Seedsman ImageEllen Warner - Registered Nurse, Link Nurse for CEBPARAC
Ellen talks about caring for people with dementia at the end-of-life.
Posted 05 October 2012
Image Lyn McVeeLyn McVee - Director of Care - Restvale
Lyn talks about providing palliative care in a community facility.
Posted 03 October 2012
Image of Dr PorteousDr Porteous - General Practitioner - Restvale
Linda talks about the value of PEPA training and continuing education for staff providing palliative care.
Posted 03 October 2012
Image Bronwyn AgarsBronwyn Agars - Enrolled Nurse - Restvale
Bronwyn talks about placing the resident at the centre of palliative care planning in Residential Aged Care. 
Posted 03 October 2012
Roma Dicker Roma Dicker - Palliative care and residential aged care
Roma talks about the important role and the needs of residential aged care in providing care for their residents at the end of life.
Posted 17 September 2012

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