International Resources

International policies and guidelines

  • Gold Standards Framework (GSF) developed in the UK is a systematic approach to optimising the care for patients nearing the end-of-life delivered by generalist providers

International support organisations

International online education programs and learning institutions

  • The Canadian Virtual Hospice has many tools for health professionals including courses and online educational resources. This website is also of value to those who are carers, family and friends of residents in residential aged care
  • Dalhousie University in Canada has developed the Brushing Up on Mouth Care Project and provides educational resources including videos and fact sheets for staff working within residential aged care
  • Palliative Care Network of Wisconsin provides free accessible Factsheets on many topics
  • First Steps is an orientation course for Health Care assistants in the UK (free but you need to register)
  • Hospice UK have online learning modules
  • The End of Life Care for All program is from the UK and is a free online learning program, which are also suitable for volunteers

International academic journals

  • The End of Life Journal is a free electronic journal which is published by St Christopher’s Hospice in London. Articles are written for nurses providing palliative care in community and residential settings. This resource is freely available but registration is required before accessing

Last updated 27 August 2018