My Learning (RAC)

Ken is a resident in the Kangaroo Valley Aged Care Facility. At 89 years of age he lives with Parkinson’s disease and cardiac failure.  Brenda is one of the ENs at the facility. When she comes back from holidays she finds that Ken's condition has worsened markedly. She wants to find out more about how to help and support Ken. She also wonders 'Is Ken dying?' This My Learning (RAC) module will help you to understand and use the resources in the RAC Hub when planning care for residents.

There is also a module on care needs for a person with dementia. This module looks at how Anna deals with the changing care needs of her father, Lou.

The module is free to use. After completing the learning packages and answering the review quiz, you will be able to print a certificate for your professional records.


Last updated 23 February 2017