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Dietary Services: Services provided by dietitians or nutritionists to meet the nutritional needs of individuals, including consultation with other professional personnel.

Dietetics: The application of nutritional principles to regulation of the diet and feeding persons or groups of persons.

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Dietitians apply the art and science of human nutrition to help people understand the relationship between food and health and make dietary choices to attain and maintain health, and to prevent and treat illness and disease.
Source: Dietitians’ Association of Australia

By definition, palliative care includes the family members, and the role of a dietitian is important as the reduction in eating is often most distressing to the carer.

Completion of a dietetic program accredited by the Dietitians’ Association of Australia (DAA) is required to become a dietitian in Australia and be eligible to join DAA and the Accredited Practising Dietitian program.