Residential Aged Care

Residential Aged Care (RAC) staff care for many older Australians at the end-of-life. These staff have a diverse range of skills that can meet the palliative care needs of residents. Together they provide care, comfort and social support in a familiar and homelike environment.

Working in RAC

Learn about the different roles of RAC staff

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Facility Issues

Considerations when running a RAC facility

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Care Issues

Common care issues at the end-of-life

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Communication skills for end of life discussions

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Recognising Residents' Needs

Learn about the needs and preferences of residents

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For Residents and Families

Care needs can change over time

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palliAGED Project

The Palliative Care in Aged Care Evidence (palliAGED) Project is an online evidence base and knowledge resource for aged care staff and GPs. There are also resources for older Australians and thier families. 

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Caring doesn't stop just because a person enters residential aged care

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