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Palliative Care - General Costs and Economics

These searches retrieve literature from PubMed on costs and economics of palliative care on a broad basis, including costs for health systems and providers. They use the Palliative Care Search Filter (PubMed version) combined with the CADTH Narrow Economic Search Filter (PubMed version).

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Strongest Evidence

Costs of Palliative Care for Individuals and Families

These searches retrieve literature from PubMed about costs of care borne by individual patients, families and carers. They are created using the Palliative Care Search Filter together with an expert topic search to target relevant information.

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How to set up an email alert for PubMed

For any of the above PubMed searches you can set up a regular email alert, so that information about new publications arrives in your email. 

To do this, you need an account with PubMed which  is free but requires registration. This PubMed Youtube video is a useful recent (July 2015) overview of how to set up searches and alerts.

If you are happy with any of the searches supplied we recommend that you save it and set up a regular alert. You can do this with one or more searches.

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Last updated 18 January 2017