What may help

Talk to your Doctor

Many issues such as depression or simply the feeling that you can’t cope may lie behind a desire to die. Start by talking to your doctor, nurse or social worker who may then refer you to a more appropriate person for you to talk to.

Talk to others

Talking to someone who is in a similar situation may help. The Cancer Council 13 11 20 can help you get in touch with appropriate support groups or individuals.

Seek professional advice

While the desire to die is a highly personal matter, you need to consider the implications – legal and otherwise – for those around you. Find a friend with legal knowledge, or even a trusted lawyer, you can talk to.

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Life, Hope & Reality was developed and written by Afaf Girgis, Claire Johnson, and Sylvie Lambert with funding from the NHMRC and Cancer Council NSW.

Last updated 30 August 2015