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A diagnosis of advanced cancer does not necessarily mean the end of your work life. Depending on your physical and mental health, you may prefer to continue working because you enjoy what you do, want the social engagement, want to fulfil commitments, need the money, or want a “normal” routine.

Whatever your reasons, you will need to consider how work fits in with your changing physical abilities and your treatment. Your boss and workplace may give you the flexibility you need. If not, something else may suit you.

If your reason for working is more than financial you may find some satisfaction in volunteering or community work.

If you cannot work but want to be involved you may consider studying or learning a skill for the fun of it (eg. pottery or art class) or joining or starting a book club or Scrabble group.

Your leisure time may become even more important to you. Holidaying, eating out and going to shows, movies and sports events may boost your emotional and social wellbeing.

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Life, Hope & Reality was developed and written by Afaf Girgis, Claire Johnson, and Sylvie Lambert with funding from the NHMRC and Cancer Council NSW.

Last updated 30 August 2015