Feeling anxious?

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Anyone who has had cancer will be familiar with the fear and uncertainty that comes with diagnosis. Knowing the disease has progressed may increase the concerns about what the future holds for you and your family.

You may be worried about how an ongoing illness will affect your relationships with the people around you, how your family will cope, how you will deal with treatment side-effects or, ultimately, how you will face death.

These are normal thoughts and feelings. It is important to keep tabs on these emotions, and if the anxiety is leading to panic or paralysing your everyday life, it is time to seek help. After all, the last thing you want is for anxiety to dilute the quality of life you and those around you deserve. 

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Life, Hope & Reality was developed and written by Afaf Girgis, Claire Johnson, and Sylvie Lambert with funding from the NHMRC and Cancer Council NSW.

Last updated 30 August 2015