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8 August 2019

Providing easy to understand information for Patients, Carers and Families

CareSearch has launched a new booklet for Patients, Carers and Families. An easy to understand introduction to palliative care, this booklet includes information on what to expect and what to ask your health care team. Addressing the need for information to inform care decisions, the booklet is designed to prompt conversations between patients, carers and families and their health care team. You can order these resources at no charge from CareSearch by filling in an order resources form on the website.

8 August 2019

Engagement Project 2019 workshops and update

Following three very productive workshops held in 2018 with members of the aged care and allied health sectors, and patients, families and carers, the CareSearch Engagement project team will host a second round of workshops in August/September 2019. To be held in Adelaide, the aim of the 2019 workshops is to report back on CareSearch/palliAGED activity and achievements over the past year in response to suggestions from the sector, and to discuss the impact of this on palliative care awareness.

The project team members have also continued to collaborate with each of the sectors in July and a number of articles were published: from Susan Gravier for the Allied Health sector this included articles in Response magazine (July 2019), Paramedics Australasia: Self-care for paramedics (2.96MB pdf) and  InMotion magazine (July 2019), Australian Physiotherapy Association: Physios well placed to help with pain. From Robyn Dutschke working with patients, carers, and families July included an article for Lutheran Nurses In Touch newsletter (e-News) (July 2019): The Important Role of Palliative Care (1.07MB pdf). To learn more about the project and our activities visit the Engagement Project.

3 July 2019

Aged Care Royal Commission

On June 27th, 2019 CareSearch director Professor Jennifer Tieman spoke at the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety hearing focused on person centred care, advance care planning and palliative care. A transcript of the hearing and the Exhibit documents are now available for public viewing.

3 July 2019

In Focus: quality palliative care is evidence based

The latest CareSearch In Focus highlights that evidence is an important component of providing best practice person-centred palliative care. Calls for embedding evidence in palliative care provision are increasing as the demand for services increases. In Focus summarises what is happening and links you to resources that support you to provide quality palliative care.

21 June 2019

RAC Hub project

As part of our project to consolidate evidence based information and resources for the aged care sector, we have developed new content on the Australian context of care. The new pages cover the Facility issues found in the CareSearch RAC Hub which have been updated and revised to reflect recent changes and ongoing reforms. You can read more about the consolidation project and access the new Australian context pages to learn more.

21 June 2019

palliAGED new evidence based guidance

Our sister-site palliAGED has published a new evidence informed guidance on Intimacy and Sexuality in older people. Older people are commonly viewed as asexual, yet intimacy, sexuality, and sexual expression are basic human needs and continue to be important throughout life and can provide physical and psychological benefits. Check out the Evidence Summary and the Practice Points around Intimacy and Sexuality.

21 June 2019

Engagement Project

In June the Engagement project team has been working with each of the sectors to raise awareness of palliative care and the availability of support. Recent activity includes an article published in the InMotion magazine (June 2019), Australian Physiotherapy Association: Create a safe space for open discussions and another in Connections magazine (June 2019), Occupational Therapy Australia: Finding evidence and clinical guidance you can trust and why it matters (205kb pdf).

You can also view the Action Plans, keep up to date with all of the project outcomes, and provide any other feedback by visiting the Engagement Project webpage at CareSearch.

11 June 2019

CareSearch is now on Facebook

The CareSearch Project is now on Facebook. Our Facebook page complements our established communication channels in supporting all Australians to make informed palliative care decisions. Like our page @CareSearchProject to:

  • Learn of latest CareSearch and palliAGED evidence-based resources
  • Find links to trustworthy information on palliative care 
  • Keep up to date with our activities and other national palliative care projects, events and research
  • Easily connect with us
30 May 2019

CareSearch launches a new look newsroom to keep you better informed

At CareSearch we have refreshed the look and content of our newsroom. Now even easier to navigate and containing all of the popular resources to keep you informed, we have added two new features: a weekly listing of the latest publications in palliative care from Australian researchers, and In Focus a CareSearch initiative aimed at supporting access and understanding of specific palliative care issues and sector developments by bringing together key resources in one place. We look forward to keeping you informed.

27 May 2019

palliAGED is turning 2!

This week, the palliAGED website (developed and maintained by CareSearch) marks two years of supporting the aged care sector with practical evidence-based guidance in palliative care. You can read more about our work in the latest In Focus - palliAGED: Quality guidance for quality palliative care in aged care.