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8 November 2019

Journal Club Basics

To support all health professionals engage with and keep up with the evolving evidence in palliative care we have launched CareSearch's Journal Club Basics page. The page provides information on the benefits of and practical pointers in setting up or joining a journal club. 

8 November 2019

Allied Health section update

The role of Allied Health Professionals in palliative care is widely recognised across the sector. To support best practice and encourage greater involvement of allied health, we have expanded our Allied Health section to include more information on their role in palliative care, and where to find practice support including education and access to guidelines. 

8 November 2019

Clinical Evidence Patient Management update

The evidence on patient management held within the Clinical Evidence section of CareSearch has been updated and reorganised. Following extensive searching and appraisal of the research literature, content across 15 symptoms commonly encountered in palliative care has been updated to reflect current knowledge. We have also made finding the information easier and it is now listed for each topic under definition and prevalence, assessment, treatment, practice implications and evidence gaps.

22 October 2019

CarerHelp: a new resource to support carers in end-of-life caring

CarerHelp, a new resource to support unpaid carers, was launched at Parliament House on Thursday, 17th October during National Carers Week 2019.

Developed as part of the Australian Family Carer Toolkit Project, this new resource helps to prepare unpaid carers to care for a partner, parent, child or friend at the end of life.

'Caring for a relative or a friend who is dying can be a rewarding yet challenging experience. Based on a significant volume of evidence, we know that carers need information about how to recognise when death may be on the horizon, what to expect when someone is imminently dying, and to know where to get help and support. Importantly, carers who are more informed and better prepared for their role are less distressed, feel more competent, and can cope better during bereavement. CarerHelp is designed to focus on these areas, in order to improve family carer wellbeing,' said Project Lead Professor Peter Hudson, an international expert on family caregiving in palliative care and Director of the Centre for Palliative Care in Victoria.

The Australian Family Carer Toolkit Project is a collaboration of the Centre for Palliative Care of St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne and The University of Melbourne; CareSearch of Flinders University, Carers Australia and The University of Technology Sydney. Professor Hudson acknowledged the invaluable assistance of the national expertise within the project’s Reference Group and the generous sharing of carers’ personal experiences. He stated, “Carers, health professionals, and experts have collaborated to develop the content of this innovative resource, which has been brought to life by the CareSearch Project team from Flinders University.” CarerHelp is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health.

1 October 2019

Engagement Project update

In August-September the CareSearch Engagement Project team met in Adelaide with members of the aged care and allied health sectors, and patients, families and carers. It was great to have so many participants return for the second workshops and we are very thankful to everyone for taking time out of their busy schedules to work with us. At the workshops we reported on CareSearch / palliAGED activity and achievements over the past year and discussed as a group the impact of this on palliative care awareness and what the next steps might be. In September we were also busy at the 2019 Oceanic Palliative Care Conference including presentation of a number of posters on the Engagement Project. These can now be viewed on the CareSearch publications page.

1 October 2019

CareSearch Quality Improvement pages

In September CareSearch opened new Quality Improvement (QI) pages in the Finding Evidence section on Grey Literature. Including information on What is Quality Improvement and QI support and appraisal the new pages support our recent introduction of QI reports to the CareSearch Grey Literature database. The first QI report from PCOC has now been uploaded and we look forward to providing access to these and other reports on palliative care QI initiatives from across Australia in the future.  You can also read more about this in our Blog Quality improvement – what now? If you know of other palliative care QI initiatives that might be considered for adding to this database please contact us at

5 September 2019

CareSearch Residential Aged Care Hub to close this month

The CareSearch RAC Hub will be closing in September 2019 with updated versions of relevant information now located within palliAGED. This is part of our project to consolidate information for the aged care sector into a single site and you can read more about the project in our RAC Hub Project page.

5 September 2019

CareSearch and palliAGED at the 2019 Oceanic Palliative Care Conference

Join us at the Oceanic Palliative Care Conference in Perth on 10-13 September. Head to Exhibit Booth 20 and chat with our team members to learn more of our work on palliative care evidence and pick up copies of our latest resources. We also have posters on our Engagement Project, Developing Skills in Evidence and the Role of evidence in quality improvement. Our Director Professor Jennifer Tieman will also present on Concurrent Session A1 (National Palliative Care Projects) on 11 September about CareSearch and palliAGED.

8 August 2019

Providing easy to understand information for Patients, Carers and Families

CareSearch has launched a new booklet for Patients, Carers and Families. An easy to understand introduction to palliative care, this booklet includes information on what to expect and what to ask your health care team. Addressing the need for information to inform care decisions, the booklet is designed to prompt conversations between patients, carers and families and their health care team. You can order these resources at no charge from CareSearch by filling in an order resources form on the website.

8 August 2019

Engagement Project 2019 workshops and update

Following three very productive workshops held in 2018 with members of the aged care and allied health sectors, and patients, families and carers, the CareSearch Engagement project team will host a second round of workshops in August/September 2019. To be held in Adelaide, the aim of the 2019 workshops is to report back on CareSearch/palliAGED activity and achievements over the past year in response to suggestions from the sector, and to discuss the impact of this on palliative care awareness.

The project team members have also continued to collaborate with each of the sectors in July and a number of articles were published: from Susan Gravier for the Allied Health sector this included articles in Response magazine (July 2019), Paramedics Australasia: Self-care for paramedics (2.96MB pdf) and  InMotion magazine (July 2019), Australian Physiotherapy Association: Physios well placed to help with pain. From Robyn Dutschke working with patients, carers, and families July included an article for Lutheran Nurses In Touch newsletter (e-News) (July 2019): The Important Role of Palliative Care (1.07MB pdf). To learn more about the project and our activities visit the Engagement Project.