Nurses Hub Acknowledgements

CareSearch wishes to thank the following individuals for their invaluable help, advice and support in putting together the Nurses Hub and nurses[HUB]news:

  • Shyla Bauer
  • Cathy Bennett
  • Judy Callaghan
  • Bertilla Campbell
  • Kim Devery
  • Alison Farrington
  • Julie Gentle
  • Barbara Griffiths
  • Claudia Guigni
  • Aylene Mueller
  • Meg Hegarty
  • Kathy Hendry
  • Peter Jenkin
  • Phil Newton
  • Janet Taylor
  • Beth Thomas.

All are members of one of the following groups:

  • CareSearch Nurses Hub Advisory Group
  • CareSearch Nurses Information Newsletter Advisory Group
  • CareSearch National Advisory Group
  • CareSearch Nurses Hub Usability testing group

Palliative Care Nurses Australia was responsible for formal peer review of the content and for formal sign off of the Nurses Hub and we thank them and the members of the National Committee, and in particular Judi Greaves, for their help in this.


Last updated 22 January 2017