Background to the Project

It became apparent to CareSearch staff that there was an opportunity to consolidate relevant evidence and resources for nurses who have a range of diverse information needs and knowledge challenges, and to create an area relevant to palliative care nursing.

Background data collection

Information is collected via consultation with nurses as part of the CareSearch ongoing evaluation process. This has been via online and mail out surveys conducted in 2007 and 2008, feedback from members at the PCNA 2008 conference and attendees at PCA 2009 conference.

Feedback has been in relation to attitudes towards online information, use of the CareSearch information and resources, the types of resources that should be available and issues around evidence based practice.

In able to identify needs from the literature as well as from discussions with nurses, CareSearch staff performed searches via PubMed and via the Australasian Medical Index (AMI) for relevant literature, information and resources.

This background work provided themes which informed the sections of the hub and which were agreed to by the CareSearch National Advisory Group (NAG) and a working group. The NAG proposed that any materials provided would be to support any nurse caring for any palliative patient in any setting of care.

Nurses Hub Working Group

CareSearch planned and developed the Nurses Hub overseen by the NAG and assisted by a Nurses’ Hub Working Group.

This Group supported the page author in developing webpages and in identifying resources and links. The group provided feedback on the content, design and organisation of the hub. The group comprised representatives from various nursing roles and backgrounds and members of the project team. A Palliative Care Nurses Australia elected representative was also part of this group.


Last updated 22 January 2017