What is the Nurses Section

The Nurses Section is a collection of information, tools and resources developed to form a ‘hub’ of knowledge. These pages will help to link the specialist and academic evidence base to the information and care needs of those nurses providing practical support to palliative patients in any setting of care.

As information is needed at different levels and nurses have different palliative care information needs at different times, a variety of information and resources have been provided. For example, all pages include links to relevant: GP pages; Clinical Practice pages; PubMed Topic Searches and CareSearch Review Collection topics. All pages also link to content within the patients and families pages.

A certain level of nursing knowledge and experience is assumed, as the pages are not intended to teach nurses how to nurse, or specifically how to be a palliative care nurse.

The Nurses Section covers the following areas:


Last updated 17 June 2019