My Information Kit

My Information Kit allows you to select factsheets to print out for your patients or their carers. It includes a cover sheet that you can write your contact details on. 

You can also save the factsheets as a pdf to your computer, and then email them to a patient, carer or colleague (Only select three factsheets at a time otherwise the file is too big to send via email).

Many of these Factsheets have been produced by CareSearch. The others are provided with permission from: the Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement (ACGB)Palliative Care Australia (PCA) and Carers NSW. You can find further information and resources on their websites.

To print out a selection of documents from the list below, please tick boxes for items you wish to print.


Bereavement Grief and Loss

Back care and safe lifting practices (Carers NSW)
Carer Support Group (Carers NSW)
Don't forget to make a back up plan (Carers NSW)
Exercising when you are a carer (Carers NSW)
Facts about Carers (Carers NSW)
Helping your family member to remain living at home (Carers NSW)
How and why to get family to help with caring (Carers NSW)
How and why to hold a family meeting (Carers NSW)
How and why to organise support services (Carers NSW)
Respite care - get the break you need (Carers NSW)
Should your family member move in with you? (Carers NSW)
Should you move in with your family member? (Carers NSW)
Things to consider when taking on a caring role (Carers NSW)
What might caring really mean for you? (Carers NSW)
What is a Carer? (Carers NSW)
What to do when your family member doesn't want help (Carers NSW)
Practical Caring: At the End of Life (CareSearch) (251kb pdf)
Caring for Someone with Life-limiting Illness (CareSearch) (427kb pdf)

Information for Patients, Carers and Families
Facts about morphine and other opioids (Pal Care Aust) (635kb pdf)
What is palliative care? (Pall Care Aust) (323kb pdf)
The dying process (Pall Care Aust) (725kb pdf)
Advance care planning (Pall Care Aust) (527kb pdf)
Learn more about pain management (Pall Care Aust) (599kb pdf)
Asking questions can help - An aid for people seeing the palliative care team (Pall Care Aust) (613kb pdf)
At the End (CareSearch) (213kb pdf)
Communication (CareSearch) (202kb pdf)
Living With a Terminal Illness (CareSearch) (199kb pdf)
Understanding Palliative Care (CareSearch) (192kb pdf)
Bereavement Grief and Loss (CareSearch) (197kb pdf)
Why Information Matters (CareSearch) (273kb pdf)
About Palliative Care (CareSearch) (420kb pdf)
Living with Life-limiting Illness (CareSearch) (276kb pdf)
Managing Life-limiting Illness with Medicines (CareSearch) (417kb pdf)
Caring for Someone with Life-limiting Illness (CareSearch) (427kb pdf)
At the End (CareSearch) (366kb pdf)
Grief and Loss (CareSearch) (280kb pdf)