Working Together Change Framework (Nurses HUB)

CareSearch, PCOC and NSAP were involved in this collaborative project whereby an aligned approach to facilitate change management was developed in the form of a ‘Working Together Change Framework’ (WTCF) (12kb pdf). This change framework was disseminated via a series of workshops ‘A structured Approach to Evidence Based Quality Improvement for Palliative Care’ conducted nationally. The workshops were planned, implemented and evaluated throughout 2012/13. [1] 


The workshops were facilitated by staff from all three projects and included: a presentation on the WTCF framework; the concepts behind change management and quality improvement; and CareSearch evidence summaries. Formal presentations also included information on a mock palliative care service, drawing on hypothetical PCOC and NSAP reports. [1]

The workshops focused on one of two topics: pain or carer support, both of which had been identified by the 3 projects as high-priority issues. 

Following the didactic presentations the attendees were then provided with materials which enabled them to plan a QI approach. They used templates and the examples provided which helped to step them through the process that they would then potentially undertake within their own service. They did this within their table / service groups before reviewing the proposed approaches as a group.

Workshop Resources

The resources that were developed for the workshops are provided here, to enable individuals, services or organisations to use this approach to QI. These include:

The presentation at the workshops

  1. The workshop power point steps you through the framework for change (924kb pdf) – it provides background and context to what is available here


  1. WTCF priority List (92kb pdf) – this template can help you to prioritise any problems identified in your service relative to impact and challenge
  2. Six strategic questions for a specific change management Activity (104kb pdf) – this steps you through the process once you have a problem to tackle
  3. Once the problem has been identified you need to look at the potential changes that could be made and how these changes could be measured (101kb pdf) (allowing you to see what has been achieved). Examples are provided below:

This project represents one step in building awareness about the need for a structured and planned approach to QI and the role and contribution of evidence in QI processes.

  1. Tieman J, Rawlings D, Taylor J, Adams A, Mills S, Vaz H, et al. Supporting service change in palliative care: a framework approach. Int J Palliat Nurs. 2014. 20(7):349-56. 



Download the Involved in Quality Improvement (226kb pdf) factsheet from CareSearch website

Last updated 24 September 2018